About Wish Boutique

For boutique owner Lisa Figlino, the grand opening of Wish Boutique marks 10 years as Denver entrepreneur, as well as a chance to show a whole new side of her style.  Figlino previously owned and operated the award-winning Pine Creek Clothing Co. in the same South Gaylord location, and in 2014, decided to give the shop space a total makeover and re-launch as hip new Wish Boutique.

“I’m reinventing myself as an entrepreneur,” says Lisa.  A consultant for businesses as well as a gift and boutique owner, Lisa followed her heart to re-shape the South Gaylord boutique in a new style that matches the spirit of the trendy neighborhood.

“It’s the best version of a neighborhood boutique,” says Lisa of the new Wish Boutique experience.  Hand-selecting inspiring items, Lisa brings a unique style to the new shop and offers great new looks for fashionistas of all ages.

Lisa also owns w boutique a few doors down at 1071 S. Gaylord St. and wish gifts just a few blocks away at 750 S. University Blvd. All three wish boutiques offer the perfect day of shopping for everyone needing a special gift and a little something for themselves.

With a pop of bright colors and an energetic yet neighborly feel, the new Wish Boutique is a breath of fresh air in the neighborhood, offering everyone a unique, affordable, and friendly fashion experience.

Wish Boutique