Spring/Fall Style Trends – 2016

Style trends from our fashion buyers – Spring/Fall  2016

Going to market is always an adventure from the viewpoint of a stylist. You can become overwhelmed with enthusiasm for some great new styles and feel incredibly inspired, or you can be a bit underwhelmed as you walk down aisles of repeats from seasons before.

Fear not, my fashionista friends….2016 is representing some new looks that are fresh and fun as designers take a break from playing it “safe” and add some fresh new twists on some of our favorite fashion staples. Here’s some of the eye catching fashion styles, and what is to come through spring into fall! Welcome to the tribe of trends…2016, enjoy boutique beauties!

Fall 2016 is presenting in big ways. Although the vibe of the “Boho Chic” girl is still big it’s adversary of sportswear and clean lines could be felt throughout the endless aisles of what we have seen as repeats for the past few seasons. That Boho Chic girl in some instances has either grown to be a more sophisticated “city dweller”, who is not as in to the festival scene or she has gone the other way and become even more of a free bird. Either way, the colors for fall are bright and the patterns are alive and well!

Some of the biggest notables were orange. Yes, orange…you’re welcome Denver Bronco fans! Orange not only is alive and well in spring 2016 but it makes a big crossover into fall, as does it’s darker counter part of wine, oxblood (yes that really IS what they are calling it) – rich, dark red tones.

Patterns are going nowhere. Whether you are a fan of animal prints, or paisley, you will fit in at any party or event. The prints are everywhere! Even plaid, having made a big splash last season remains steadfast.  In fact, the bolder the plaid and the bigger the pattern, the better for fall. And when I say animal prints and florals, I mean things outside of the ordinary… move over leopards, some birds might be taking over! Floral prints and prints that you might see hanging on a wall, make way to jackets, pants, tops… there will be no lack of prints looming from your closet if you are a fan. The bigger the better in prints!

For those of you who feel a bit more timid about the print…your style senses will swoon when you see the big splash of sportswear that will become a bigger staple in 2016! The styles are clean and classic, fitted and some with a bit of menswear inspired detailing throughout. Classic, clean looks, with comfort, and subdued masculinity. (Yes, we are still talking fashion) A welcome comeback indeed!

Denim is never absent from any stylish closet. And you’re in luck, whether your vibe is classic to distressed, skinny, to boot cut, it matters not. Wear denim and you are on trend. (But please no mom jeans; those are definitely a no no!) And for all you moms, with so many styles to choose from, why not choose a little sass to fit your style? Dress it down, dress it up! Think “tuxedo” denim outfits. Pair up a wide leg denim trouser and a fitted denim jacket and you will have the look to be chic in an understated way. Mix and match with washes, have fun with it. Anything goes in denim! And for all you past hippies, there is a huge vibe of the Grateful Dead and Woodstock gatherings revisited. The big bells, the wide legs, the button up fly jeans- it’s all back and bigger than ever. However, for those ladies who just now have figured out to make friends with our dear “skinny” friend, fear not…she is still alive and well, as is her boyfriend. Again, anything really goes in denim. How fun that we can be as wide leg, ripped, baggy, distressed or flowing as we want. A good time to express our inner denim spirits with pride.

Capri’s make a comeback… but not just for spring, it is also big in fall and the wider the better. So, for those who love the look of the boot cut and wide leg trouser, you are in luck because the wide leg cropped pant is representing for fall in a big way. I remember them being called “clam diggers”. (Does that age me?) Well ditch that madness; because they are now the rage of the season and can be paired with all sorts of lovely footwear…pick your fancy…booty perhaps?

For those of you who slave away at the gym and have been a little “ho hum” about the boho look, we will make your style senses smile. Shoulder cut outs, or peek-a-boo shoulders are back and even bigger then last fall. So all that work with the kettle balls and dumbbells won’t be for not… you can show off your work no matter your style. It is a trend that is here to stay and bigger than ever. Military presses, here you come!

The boudoir is no longer for the boudoir and that can be seen in spring and fall. Slinky dress slips with romantic lace paired with a chunky cardigan… why not? There is no shame in bringing your slips out into the real world now… a sophisticated and romantic trend that has been showing up big time in 2016.

Of course, we can’t forget those who love the novelty items… those things we wore way back when, or that bring us back to a certain time? Think letter jackets coolly paired with a pair of fitted distressed jeans and a great pump… reminiscent of the 50’s but way cooler… as well as some major draping. Hello Princess Leah… the draping, the belting and the “cape”ing has a huge influence in fall looks… Those who think movies don’t influence our trends are crazy. Hello Han Solo…welcome back Star Wars… alive and well in fall 2016.

There are some big English inspired trends as well… thank you Downton Abby. Calf and Ankle length coating, bow tied blousing, lace, big collars and sleeves with rounded shoulders. They are all on point and making a statement. Skirts with pleating and slits which were big in spring, make a return and that oh, so romantic time when modesty mixed with sexiness would make any house maid blush. And blush, neutrals… all big colors for fall 2016.

There was no lack of interesting and quirky little trends that popped up… the cactus, the watermelon, flamingo’s, bird prints all very relevant in spring… and I am sure they might return in a more subdued way for fall 2016. A fun trend that can be mixed with some sophisticated pieces to take even the most subdued style maven out of her element when mixed with classic pieces. Hello fun! I’m coming out of my box… look out!

Seasons are always a time of change and beauty. Each one is different and has great depth and richness in its own way. The seasons of fashion are equally so, and the mixing of textures creates epic looks in clothing. Take the rich suede’s which will be seen through spring and are huge again in the fall and pair them with tremendous bursts of fringe (which is going nowhere, so fringe on!) Or perhaps the corduroy and velvets suit your fancy, mixed with great plaids, patterns or silks. Mix a boho style top with a great classic trouser. Enjoy it all. Enjoy your season of fashion, get out of your comfort zone and have fun. The truth is, every fashionista has the need to be fashion fierce and in 2016 you will have no excuses. So go forth and change the world, one outfit at a time! Happy styling!